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Ans: 1) Find the Show/Drama that you like and click into the link. 2) Scroll to the bottom of the specific Drama/Show webpage for download link. 3) Click on the Newest EP's Fileserve link whichever you prefer 4) DONE! :)コンスタントに入手できるのは 『ツブラの玉』×400個との交換 ですが、ツブラの玉は 一週間で入手できる数が120個 と制限があります。1.易於腐敗、保存期限較短或解約時即將逾期。 2.客製化之商品。 3.報紙、期刊或雜誌。 4.經消費者拆封之影音商品或電腦軟體。 5.下載版軟體、資訊及電子書。 6.涉及個人衛生,並經消費者拆封之商品,如:內衣褲、刮鬍刀…等。 7.藝文展覽票券、藝文表演票券。別忘記要繼續填妥以下的「 戶號 」及「 戶籍鄉鎮里鄰 」,戶號可以從戶口名簿的封面左上角找到,戶籍地址則會寫在身份證背面。《植物獵人的茶盜之旅》作者最新力作 敘述二戰不為人知的女力故事 解讀英美法機密檔案、還原二戰倖存者記憶 ○○七間諜故事原型、各國戰略情報局機構藍圖 神祕的代號、不為人知的地下工作,她們隱藏身分、參 . more.故事臺灣史2:22個改變臺灣的關鍵人物.Adobe Acrobat Reader DC は、初期設定で、自動アップデートするように設定されています。Acrobat Reader DC の環境設定には、この設定を制御する UI オプションはありません。Interval partitioning for tables - This is a new 11g partitioning scheme that automatically creates time-based partitions as new data is added. Source: Mark Rittman This is a marvelous one ! You can now partition by date, one partition per month for example, with automatic partition creation . Source: Laurent Schneider New load balancing utilities -There are several new load balancing utilities in 11g (first introduced in 10gr2): Web server load balancing - The web cache component includes Apache extension to load-balance transactions to the least-highly-loaded Oracle HTTP server (OHS). RAC instance load balancing - Staring in Oracle 10g release 2, Oracle JDBC and ODP.NET provide connection pool load balancing facilities through integration with the new “load balancing advisory” tool. This replaces the more-cumbersome listener-based load balancing technique. Automated Storage Load balancing - Oracle’s Automatic Storage Management (SAM) now enables a single storage pool to be shared by multiple databases for optimal load balancing. Shared disk storage resources can alternatively be assigned to individual databases and easily moved from one database to another as processing requirements change. Data Guard Load Balancing – Oracle Data Guard allows for load balancing between standby databases. Listener Load Balancing - If advanced features such as load balancing and automatic failover are desired, there are optional sections of the listener.ora file that must be present New table Data Type "simple_integer" - A new 11g datatype dubbed simple_integer is introduced. The simple_integer data type is always NOT NULL, wraps instead of overflows and is faster than PLS_INTEGER . Source: Lewis Cunningham Improved table/index compression - Segment compression now works for all DML, not just direct-path loads, so you can create tables compressed and use them for regular OLTP work. Also supports column add/drop. Mark Rittman Faster DML triggers - DML triggers are up to 25% faster. This especially impacts row level triggers doing updates against other tables (think Audit trigger). Source: Lewis Cunningham Improved NFS data file management - Kevin Closson has some great notes on Oracle 11g improvement in Networked Attached Storage (NAS). "I’ve already blogged that 11g “might” have an Oracle-provided NFS client. Why is this? It’s because Oracle knows full well that taking dozens of commodity servers and saddling them up with multi-protocol connectivity is a mess. Server-side connection pooling - In 11g server-side connection pooling, an additional layer to the shared server, to enable faster [actually to bypass] session creation. Source: Laurent Schneider Server-side connection pooling allows multiple Oracle clients to share a server-side pool of sessions (USERIDs must match). Clients can connect and disconnect (think PHP applications) at will without the cost of creating a new server session - shared server removes the process creation cost but not the session creation cost. Mark Rittman RMAN UNDO bypass - Rman backup can bypass undo. Undo tablespaces are getting huge, but contain lots of useless information. Now rman can bypass those types of tablespace. Great for exporting a tablespace from backup. Source: Laurent Schneider Capture/replay database workloads - Sounds appealing. You can capture the workload in prod and apply it in development. Source: Laurent Schneider Scalability Enhancements - The features in 11g focused on scalability and performance can be grouped into four areas: Scalable execution, scalable storage, scalable availability and scalable management. Mark Rittman Scalable execution - Scalable execution consists of a number of features, the first of which is query results caching; this feature automatically caches the results of an SQL query as opposed to the data blocks normally cached by the buffer cache, and works both client (OCI) and server side - this was described as "buffer cache taken to the next level". The DBA sets the size of the results cache and turns the feature on at a table level with the command "alter table DEPT cache results", the per-process cache is shared across multiple session and at the client level, is available with all 11g OCI-based clients. Mark Rittman Virtual columns - Oracle 11g virtual table columns are columns that are actually functions ("create table t1 (c1 number, c2 number, c3 as (c1+c2) virtual"), and similarly, virtual indexes that are based on functions REF partitioning, allowing you to partition a table based on the partition scheme of another. Allows you to partition an order_items table based off of the order_date column in an orders table. Source: Source: Mark Rittman A "super" object-oriented DDL keyword - This is used with OO Oracle when instantiating a derivative type (overloading), to refer to the superclass from whence the class was derived. Oracle 11g XML data storage - Starting in 11g, you can store XML either as a CLOB or a binary data type, adding flexibility. Oracle11g will support query mechanisms for XML including XQuery and SQL XML, emerging standards for querying XML data stored inside tables. Data Guard supports "Flashback Standby" . New Trigger features - A new type of "compound" trigger will have sections for BEFORE, ROW and AFTER processing, very helpful for avoiding errors, and maintaining states between each section. Partitioning - partitioning by logical object and automated partition creation. LOB's - New high-performance LOB features. Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) - When critical errors are detected, they automatically create an “incident”. Information relating to the incident is automatically captured, the DBA is notified and certain health checks are run automatically. This information can be packaged to be sent to Oracle support (see following). Source: Dr. Tim Hall Incident Packaging Service (IPS) - This wraps up all information about an incident, requests further tests and information if necessary, and allows you to send the whole package to Oracle Support. Source: Dr. Tim Hall Feature Based Patching - All one-off patches will be classified as to which feature they affect. This allows you to easily identify which patches are necessary for the features you are using. EM will allow you to subscribe to a feature based patching service, so EM automatically scans for available patches for the features you are using. Source: Dr. Tim Hall New Oracle11g Advisors - New 11g Oracle Streams Performance Advisor and Partitioning Advisor. Source: Mark Rittman Enhanced Read only tables - Table trigger firing order - Oracle 11g PL/SQL will you to specify trigger firing order.《恐龍摔角手 摔角霸王龍 》 ( ダイナレスラー・キング・Tレッスル ) ■ 連結三 地屬 恐龍族 連結/效果 3000/Link-3 ■ 召喚條件:『 恐龍摔角手 』怪獸兩體以上 ■ 連結標記: 左下(↙)下(↓)右下(↘) ①: 此卡進行戰鬥的場合,到傷害步驟結束以前對手不能發動魔法、陷阱卡。 ②: 此卡於怪獸區域存在為限,對手不能選擇其他怪獸作為攻擊對象。 ③:對手戰鬥階段開始時,可以對手場上1體攻擊表示怪獸為對象發動。 此戰鬥階段中,若對手不用該怪獸進行攻擊宣言,則其他怪獸不能進行攻擊宣言。 沒有進行攻擊宣言的場合,對象怪獸在戰鬥階段結束時破壞。 *屋主評價:鬼塚賞金獵人後的王牌,效果平庸無比,動畫是金亮現實中是5元都不到的普卡,箭頭很優秀外加是L3最高攻擊力以外,沒有什麼值得投入的地方,把它融合去跳奇美拉才是正解阿鬼塚‧‧‧王道奇幻JRPG「BLADE XLORD 眾劍之王」電腦版暢玩.21世紀基督教新約導論.左:姚沚穎 右:黃靖雯 扮演角色:諾亞、尼莫 角色刊物/動漫:白貓Project 角色簡介: 諾亞 從珊瑚礁來的少女,雖然我行我素,卻非常好管閒事。她的主動技能有「侵略者果凍」,給予敵人水屬性傷害,有機會使敵人陷入遲緩狀態、「南波照間島」,給予敵人水屬性傷害的同時給予重大傷害。 尼莫 潛水艇亞果諾多號的艦長,有著冷靜沉着且毫不留情的性格。他的主動技能有「亞果號・突擊」,給予敵人雷屬性傷害、「達耳達諾斯之炮」讓機械龍轉換為炮擊模式,給予敵人雷屬性傷害。申請 NSO 注意事項.動手玩童話:小飛俠彼得潘.全圖解,超簡單學會! 暴漲、崩跌的市場贏家手法! 為何失業率會讓大盤跌三成? 政府降息、公司買回庫藏股能讓股價止跌? 在這動盪的年代,就讓東京大學股票投資社的教授與高手, 教你該如何危機入市 . more.■くま部長からのワンポイントアドバイス! ◇鑑別書が付いているからといって、価値のある宝石だとすぐに信じないこと! →宝石にはそれぞれ、色・内包物・キズ・大きさ・照りなど様々な判断する要素があります。 欲しい宝石があれば、いろんなお店を回って欲しい宝石の品質とつけられた価値の 情報をたくさん集め比較しながら検討して下さい。改編自漫畫的電視動畫《青之驅魔師》,將自本週日起於東森電影台首播。 原作由 加藤和惠所著的《青之驅魔師》,故事以住在修道院中的少年「奥村燐」作為主角,繼承了惡魔之血的他,與資優生的雙胞胎弟弟「雪男」完全不同,雪男以 13 歲的最年少記錄就獲得了驅魔師的稱號,而奥村燐卻完全不知道自己未來想要做什麼…就在某日,奥村燐的面前出現了一位自稱為其父親的魔神,並計畫將他帶到惡魔居住的虛無界。而修道院的神父、同時也是奥村燐的養父「藤本」為了保護燐而喪命,奥村燐也為此決意繼承養父成為驅魔師,與魔神展開戰鬥。 動畫《青之驅魔師》將自本週日(13 日)起,每週六、日早上 10 點半開播,每回將連續播出 4 集(晚間 7 點重.

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